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Nader is the president and founder of Cydecor, Inc., a DoD consulting firm with offices across the country including Washington DC, Virginia, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island and California.

Prior to starting Cydecor, Nader spent more than six years as a nuclear engineering officer in the submarine community of the United States Navy. His areas of expertise include change management, project management, software systems design and business process reengineering. While managing Cydecor, Nader has helped establish three new organizations for DoD including the Navy Irregular Warfare Office for the Chief of Naval Operations.

One of Nader’s significant accomplishments was becoming the first naval officer to qualify in submarines with a prosthetic leg. He is also the quintessential entrepreneur, helping other companies and start-ups through mentorship and partnering, as well as a national speaker and published author of "My Decision to Live" — an autobiography about his own success after many battles with adversity. All proceeds of the book are donated to Cydecor’s philanthropic cause, the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps family members for injured veterans.

Learn more about Cydecor’s founder, Nader Elguindi, http://www.enader.com/

“Success is doing what you believe, making that commitment and getting started. Without risk, there can be no reward! At Cydecor we believe in the power of people and technology. We believe in making good decisions and improving what is around us. With a good attitude, hard work ethic and impenetrable integrity, we have made an impact and will continue doing so for many years to come.”

— Nader Elguindi