“I started at Cydecor 18 months ago. Today I found myself thinking how much more I would have enjoyed my previous 30 years of DoN employment working for Cydecor. But then I thought, I had to experience the contrast to appreciate and know when it is excellent.”

— Donna Levesque
Management Analyst

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Our Process

Cydecor merges experience with radical new thinking to provide superior solutions at a more efficient cost for our customers. We accomplish dramatic improvements in performance by incorporating lean six sigma and business process reengineering best practices into our methodology. The fundamental steps of Identify, Analyze, Design, Implement, and Improve combined with collaborative tools, ongoing continual improvement and a skilled workforce differentiate Cydecor from the competition in both cost and performance.

With an established record of integrity and outstanding performance, our team has what it takes to meet your challenge. Our proven results have made Cydecor the top choice for many government and commercial clients since 2005.